Fears and Doubts

Now that the initial excitement of publishing my book is over, the miscellaneous fears and worries have begun to set in. Yes, I know the most shocking thing is I actually gave myself 24 hours to be happy about it without any fears or worries!

What are my fears and worries? Since I love a good list, here they are, itemized in such a format:

1. No one will read my book. I think this is probably a common fear that most writers have. Is it a founded fear? Somewhat, I think. Marketing yourself is hard and annoying work. It’s the reason I went through massage therapy school but never actually became a massage therapist. As soon as we got to the class where we had to make booklets and coupons and do our business model, I was done. (And as a general rule, if any activity involves math, I’m done with it before I even start.) Nevertheless, I am now challenging myself to do one thing every day to market my work.
1a. I also used to use this excuse as a reason not to write, which is obviously stupid because if you don’t go through publishing your book, then there’s zero chance anyone will read it.

2. People will read my book and hate it. Is it a founded fear? Yes, it’s entirely possible. I was happy when all my test readers (who read the second draft) came back only with praise, constructive criticism, and helpful suggestions. But I admit I do have a somewhat fragile ego, so here’s hoping I will be properly stocked up on antidepressants and chocolate when that happens.

3. I am the vampire novel equivalent of a one-hit wonder. Is it a founded fear? I hope not. This is the only fear I have that I do have absolute control over. The idea of taking time off from writing is an attractive one, particularly since I had to read New Blood about 186 times over the last three weeks. Possibly 183 of those reads were unnecessary, but I’m an editor, and that means I can’t leave well enough alone. So, my goal over the next day is to get back to Wild Blood, which is the next book in the series. I’m more than halfway done with the first draft, so I’m hoping to be done with this draft completely in a month or so.

And now I had better stop posting in this blog and start writing!

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