how i learned to love ebooks

To be completely honest, when I first heard about ebooks, I wasn’t very interested in trying them out. After all, I liked the feel of holding an actual, physical, paper book in my hands. If possible, I liked it too much. At the time, I probably had a collection that numbered close to 1,000 books. Previously, in my short stint at living in a large house by myself, I probably had somewhere close to 5,000, but then me and my then-boyfriend, now-husband moved in together to a small apartment in Astoria. He had fewer books than I did, but not by much. I think there were about 100 boxes of books alone that we had to pile against every available wall to make room.
A massive cull ensued, and we were finally able to walk without bumping into a box. Three years later, we moved to Forest Hills and went through the books a second time, probably getting down to 700 books. And last year, we had the baby, who takes up more space than you would think, and got down to around 500. I don’t think we’re planning to get rid of any more, but ever since we’ve both started reading ebooks, the thought has never occurred to me to ever buy a pbook (print book) again.
So other than the fact that I may have turned into a purger,* I have made a list of why ebooks are better than pbooks.
1. You can order an ebook, and you will get it instantly. Who doesn’t love instant gratification? 

2. You can read something that’s potentially embarrassing and no one will know the difference. Some people feel this way about vampire books….
3. If you’re at work, you can stare at your phone with a confused expression and people will think you are reading an important text from a family member. Of course, you will have to keep up the expression for quite some time, and this is easier for some of us than others.
4. If you’re reading while standing up, as on a subway, it’s much easier to turn the pages of an ebook than a pbook.
5. If you have a small child, it’s easier to hide one ereader from him than re-shelve 50 or so books every few minutes as he pulls them down to “play” with them.
6. Price! There are so many ebooks out there for under a dollar (mine included of course)!
So while we still have around 500 pbooks on our shelves that for whatever reason, we are loathe to get rid of, whenever I look to buy a new book nowadays, I will always pick an ebook first.
*Purger=the opposite of a hoarder. I take pleasure in getting rid of items to the extent that I may actually dispose of items I need just for the satisfaction I get from it.

how am I even typing this?

A little while ago, I wrote a post about my love for writing a first draft in longhand. In my list of reasons why I do this, I had not thought to put “I have absolutely no idea how to use a computer.” But apparently, I should have.

So now I am caught up in a version-control nightmare of having converted the wrong file. In fact, I only noticed it when I was reading printer proofs. Ugh. No to belabor this cautionary tale, let me conclude by saying that if you bought the book from amazon, delete it from your device and re-install it. The correct one is now up there, with B&N and Smashwords soon to follow. 

If for some reason it’s giving you trouble, message me and I’ll send you a pdf. Thanks!

On an unrelated note, we had a family photo shoot last weekend, and I took a new promo photo. I told the photographer I wanted to look “vaguely menacing” but he assured me I would not be able to pull it off. Oh well.