My love of printed materials

In these days when everything is on Kindle, Nook, PDF file, and the like, one has to wonder if paper books are on their way to becoming extinct. While I do prefer to do most of my reading electronically, I feel a bit nostalgic about the paper book, and any printed material, really.

In high school and college, I had a quarterly magazine that I wrote for and edited. At first, I just sold it to kids in my high school. But when I went to college, I began selling it in local bookstores and offering subscriptions as well.

And then my first real job when I got out of college was as an editorial assistant for a medical journal, and I ended up working in print journals for the next eight years. To this day, I distinctly remember being excited the day when we would get a new issue. I loved being able open the journal to the masthead and read my name, and flip through the articles to see all the work I had done in a tangible form.

So I guess it’s only natural that I feel a crazy amount of glee when I see the three books I have written all in print format. As my two-year-old son would say, “I did it!”


And here’s a link to the new one, Witch Blood, in print:

5 thoughts on “My love of printed materials

  1. They look great 🙂 I don’t think books will become extinct, as I think there are too many enthusiasts who will keep the medium alive. Just look at albums in vinyl format; they’ve been superseded three times, yet are still popular. In fact, they’ve had to open a new vinyl printing press in the UK because the demand is rising. I think books will still be around for a long time to come. Kindles are more convenient, but I’ll always love a printed book.

  2. Dorothy Lancaster

    That’s great, and I’ve got the first paperback and now I’m going to order the next two. I also still have a turntable, and my mother’s 8 track player, too bad I don’t often think of using them.

  3. Bill C.

    For the, ahem, record, turntables are still being made. Vinyl is still big in Europe for dance music DJs, and almost all new records are pressed over there, mostly techno, house and disco. So grab your polyester bell-bottom leisure suit and party down!

    As far as Kindle, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but I’m reading more and watching the tube much less since I got it. We’re downsizing here and I get dirty looks from my wife if I buy anything that takes up space. I have an internet friend, an English author named Lucy Irvine, who lives in a yurt (a large round Mongolian tent) in rural Bulgaria. She prefers print to e-books but the Kindle is invaluable to her because space is at such a premium.

    I’m a longtime reader of male-oriented action-adventure-sci fi-fantasy books, but lately I’ve been reading a ton of vampire-chick-lit books on Kindle. (Battling my testosterone dependency, I guess.) I discovered Donna’s Kindle books on Amazon last week, and unfortunately I read them much faster than she can possibly write them, so now I’m killing time making blog posts until the next one comes out.

    Her books are a breath of fresh air in comparison with most of the others in this genre. I enjoy her sense of humor, which has an authentic New York flavor to it. And how nice it is that after 3 books, the heroine has not yet acquired superpowers beyond belief or traveled to other dimensions. Series like that tend to get away from the things that made them appealing at the start. I think Emma is developing her abilities at just the right pace and living in a not-too-farfetched world.

    I also should comment on how few typos there are in the books. With Kindle it can get pretty bad. I know she’s an editor, but still.. I was reading another Kindle author who, along with the usual grocer’s plurals and homonym errors (“the bell peeled”), she sometimes misspelled the names of a couple of her major characters! (e.g., Jameson and Jamison.) This same author is charging $3.99 for her books. Yes, that was a hint, Ms. Ansari.

    Anyway, welcome to the Kindle pantheon of red-headed female vampire writers, along with Jeaniene Frost, Richelle Mead, C.J. Ellison, and Lynsay Sands (well, hard to tell from her picture, but she might be a ginger). Keep writing!

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