Why I Don’t Review Books

Although I don’t have enough time to write for my blog as much as I would like, I do my fair share of blog reading. And one thing I noticed is that many authors also review books. This got me thinking as to why I don’t do any reviews. It’s not that I don’t read; I’m always in the middle of one or more books. Here are my reasons:

1) I don’t read a ton of genre fiction. Once in a very long while, yes, I do. But I tend to read straight-up literature rather than urban fantasy or what-have-you. In fact, I think the last book (other than mine) that I read that features a vampire was Sunshine, by Robin McKinley. And that was a few years ago. And yes, I do highly recommend it.

2) I don’t like criticizing other people’s writing. Writing a book is hard. Publishing a book is hard. My congratulations to you if you have done so! I know how hard it is, and would feel bad at the thought of publicly hurting anyone’s feelings.

3) Somewhat related to the previous item, but I would also feel bad at posting a good review for a bad book just to save the author’s feelings. Because people might buy the book based on my recommendation, and then I would have caused them to waste money.

4) I don’t have a bunch of time these days. Oh how I miss being a freelancer! Sure, the money is not consistent, but I had gobs more time to work on things like writing the very delayed fourth installment of Vampire in the City, aka, Cold Blood.

However, I will gladly take a look at whatever short story of the urban fantasy genre that you have for my anthology that’s coming out in the fall! Send it to me (soon, as the deadline is July 1) at vampireinthecityseries@gmail.com.