Everything Is Happening!

When I started working on two books at the same time, I had the passing thought, “What will happen if they both come out at the same time?” Then, the passing thought passed as I answered myself with, “That will never happen.”

Now, it is months later and both my charity urban fantasy anthology, Urban Harvest and the fourth installment of the Vampire in the City series, Cold Blood are both very close to being complete. I’m actually a little surprised at how far along I am on Cold Blood, but during the long Labor Day weekend, the ending became very clear in my mind, and I breezed through 10k in about three days. Since I’m working on the release and promotion of Urban Harvest now, Cold Blood will most likely be released in October.
So Urban Harvest will be releasing on September 22, the first day of Fall. Please join the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/200193933487655/. Teasers from the book and other fun stuff will be going on there up until the day of the release. Also, right here in this blog, I will be having some interviews with the authors!