Get rid of all the (excess) things

In my somewhat sporadic quest to better myself somehow, I recently came across the concept of minimalism. For those who don’t know, adopting a minimalist lifestyle means, in my own terms, to limiting your possessions to those that are meaningful and/or useful. Some beginning minimalists will box up everything that they own for a certain period of time, and if they haven’t removed an item from the boxes, out it goes.
I am not embarking on anything so extreme, but what does appeal to me is the Minimalist Game, as featured on the website The Minimalists. On day 1, you have to get rid of one thing. Day 2, it’s two things, etc. Easily done the first few days, but by the 31st, it will probably get really difficult!

I am thinking I won’t update this regularly. So probably just at the end of the game (December 31), or when I give up, whichever comes first!

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