Minimalist Game, Week 1

Week One of the minimalist game is over! All the stuff I got rid of is below, and my thoughts on this process so far below that.

Day 1–(1)Stack of gauze from NYU. This was given to me in a care package when I had a baby this summer. Because babies are yucky. But apparently mine isn’t that yucky because I still had this gauze laying around.

Day 2–(2)Two very old lipsticks that I might not have ever even worn. I noticed more cosmetics I could part with, but saving them for a later day so I don’t run out of stuff to purge!

Day 3–(1)Old plastic measuring cup, because I realized I had two (and this was the crappier one). (2)Plastic thing made for holding pacifiers in the dishwasher (I no longer have a dishwasher and my baby hates binkies!) Both of these went in plastic recycling. (3)An inflatable nursing pillow given to me by Enfamil, which I never used because I didn’t breastfeed. This went in a charity bag. (4)Bonus today: I broke a wine glass and had to throw it out.

Day 4–(1)Some socks whose matches I will probably never find. (2)Hangers I don’t like. (3)Turkey baster I haven’t used in years. (4)Shoes that never fit correctly.

Day 5–(1)More expired food than I would like to admit. (2)Baby pool float thingie I never liked. (3)Bras that are too big or small. (4)Underwear that is too big or small. (5)Mini electric razor.

Day 6–(1)Used batman piñata. (2)Least favorite tweezers. (3)Least favorite scissors. (4)Stomach holder-in device they give you post C-section. (5)Mint floor cleaner (sold via ebay). (6)Home phone never used (sold via ebay).

Day 7–(1)Least favorite tote bag. (2)Nursing bra (I didn’t even breastfeed.) (3)Ripped crib mattress cover. (4)More expired food, some from 2008 (before we bought our house even). (5)An odd metal net thing that was in the cabinet when we bought the house. (6)Odd, small electronic thing that served no apparent purpose. (7)Packets found in cabinet with no identifying markings.

I know it’s only the first week, and I only got rid of 28 things so far, but I am kind of surprised at how easy and sort of exciting it is. I actually love to get rid of things–the shedding process makes me feel happy, light, and free, which is I guess what the whole concept of minimalism is about. Also, in the course of getting rid of stuff I don’t want or use, I came across some things I could possibly use but didn’t know I had! Bonus!

2 thoughts on “Minimalist Game, Week 1

  1. Yes! One of the things I love in clearing things out is finding things you forgot you owned that are genuinely useful. There have been times where I’ve planned to buy something only to find I owned one…or more than one (measuring tape, ahem)

    And I agree there’s a rush.

    I need to do more kitchen minimizing this week–I think I’ll try for a week of this challenge on it.

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