What are you thinking?

You may be the annoying questioner or the annoyed answerer on any given day, but more than likely you and your significant other have traded the question “What are you thinking about?”

Some idyllic but often untrue answers are: “How much I love you.” “How beautiful our children are/will be.” “Remember that night in Paris?”

Some mundane but truthful answers include: “What to make for dinner.” “Should I change cable companies?” “What made that stain on the carpet and will it ever come out?”

What my actual answer was: “If you were ejected from a submarine at enough of a depth that you wouldn’t be able to get to the surface quickly enough to hold your breath and would get the bends from doing so anyway, and you had three dots in Forces, two in Mind, two in Spirit, one in Prime, and one in Correspondence, but none in Life or Time, would you be able to survive, and if so, how?”*

Fortunately my husband and I have been together for more than ten years and he already knows how weird I am.

In any case, in my further musing on this question, I have done a survey of my own brain as to what thoughts occupy it the most, and this is what I came up with. Note that this list is in order of actual importance to me, and may not be a true reflection of the percentage of time given to each category of thought on a random day. For example, a few days out of the month, I can think of little else than “why isn’t there chocolate?”

1. Kids
2. Stuff to write about
3. RPGs that I’m playing in
4. Video games that I’m playing
5. Why isn’t there chocolate

*This is from a role-playing game that I’m in, and if anyone knows what I’m talking about, feel free to give your opinion!

4 thoughts on “What are you thinking?

  1. K.S. Hernandez

    Looks like fun so here goes. Currently, I’m thinking that the man sitting twenty feet away from me really smells bad. Then I felt bad because now I worry if he’s homeless. I wondered if he was wearing socks. I looked he isn’t. Now I’m convinced he’s homeless. I also am thinking that he has a nice laptop so perhaps he’s not homeless just not too keen on personal hygiene. Then I wondered how many others sitting around me were wearing socks, I looked and disturbingly enough none of them are, it’s cold outside. I’m thinking about my next blog posting. And some other stuff too. 🙂 I’m I on track with this?

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