Minimalist Game–Week 2

Week 2 of the minimalist game is over! I knew this week would be harder, but I was surprised at just how hard it was. I found myself re-evaluating things I had already gone over, and looking for more things to get rid of. I even took everything out of a closet and found…not that much. A visiting friend commented this game would be much easier for someone who tends to collect things, rather than someone who takes obvious glee in getting rid of things, like myself. What I found I had to do was state that 11 items of clothing were the 11 things for day 11, rather than just one thing. I’m planning to do this with books, DVDs, etc, as well, even though I’m not sure if some would consider this cheating.

Day 8–(1)Expired contact lenses. (2)Breastfeeding pads. (3)Old lipsticks. (3)Gross perfume I hate. (4)Watch box (no idea where watch is). (5)Some kind of plug-in scent thing. (6)Baby snot sucker too old to suck. (7)Breathing device hospital likes you to use after surgery. (8)Lipstick I hate but for some reason was carrying it around in my bag every day.

Day 9–(1)Cell phone case for a broken phone. (2)Old vacuum cleaner that hasn’t worked for years and was in the garage. (3)Xmas decorations left in house by old owners. (4)Expensive but uncomfortable shoes I wore once (sold on Ebay). (5)Old rug I had stored under bed for years. (6)Glass thing that used to hold an air plant a few years ago (the plant died). (7)Hand-held mirror that doesn’t reflect very well. (8)Least favorite nail clippers. (9)Binkie that baby doesn’t like.

Day 10–(10+)Tons of my old clothes, maybe a dozen things? There was a charity pickup.

Day 11—(11+)Tons of baby clothes in newborn sizes. More than 11 by a lot but charity was picking up this morning.

Day 12–(1)All menus from menu drawer. (2)Weird colored lip gloss. (3)Case from sunglasses that I lost. (4)Expired vitamins. (5)Lipstick I bought five years ago but never wore. (6)Old magazine. (7)Sneakers I never liked. (8)Boots I don’t like. (9)Saddle soap. (10)Belt never worn. (11)Plastic liner for drawers left by old owners. (12)Slip-on shoes I hate.

Day 13–(1)Frisbee too small to play with. (2)Unsavory looking pot. (3)Ugly plastic toy. (4)Finger paints. (5)Freezer pack. (6)Phone. (7)Weird bag. (8)Electric plug. (9)Strange plastic ball thing. (10)Ugly tote bag. (11)Broken toy. (12)Large plastic item. (13)Ripped tote bag.

Day 14–(1)Large flat plastic pieces whose use is undetermined. (2)Box of toy soldiers. (3)Temporary tattoos. (4)Wooden dowels. (5)Old laundry bag. (6)Failed crafts. (7)Magazine rack. (8)Large make-up sorter. (9)Old make up. (10)Expired prescription. (11)Some used gift bags. (12)Single earring I’ve given up finding match for. (13)Broken backpack. (14)Eyeglass case.

So that’s it for this week. I’m hoping to make it through another successful week!

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