Minimalist Game–Week 3

Week 3 of the minimalist game is over, and it was definitely more challenging! I struggled with sets of things, unsure whether to categorize them as one or multiple things. Obviously the latter would make it much easier, but for the most part, I took the more difficult path. However, this weekend my older son had food poisoning, and I was up for almost 48 hours with no sleep, so I broke down and got rid of cables (Day 21). Next week (the last week in the challenge), I fear I may have to do the same.

Day 15–(1)Cat leash. (2)Old costume earrings that are gross. (3)Small velvet bag. (4)Curtain rods. (5)Dry cleaning bags. (6)Jewelry boxes. (7)Unmatched earrings. (8)Face cream I hate. (9)Expired medicine. (10)Fabric spray I’ve never used. (11)Least favorite tweezers. (11)Snot sucker of undetermined age. (12)Slips I haven’t worn in at least ten years. (13)Cat toy cat doesn’t like. (14)Old notebook. (15)Ugly yarn.

Day 16–(1)Jewelry bag. (2)Eyeglass case. (3)Husband’s old shirts. (3)Old gift bags. (4)Stale candy. (5)Too many bubbles. (6)Crappy goodie bag toys. (7)Underwear I hate. (8)Tablet device (sold on ebay). (9)Food from freezer that’s several years old. (10)Loose papers and old receipts. (11)Pens that don’t write. (12)Nail polishes that have gone bad. (13)Unhelpful shelving unit. (14)Jar of ink. (15)Long underwear. (16)Thermal shirts.

Day 17–(1)Old condiments. (2)Unmatching socks. (2)Unattractive underwear. (3)Bottle from when Samir was a baby. (4)Broken mouse. (5)Unidentifiable electric thing. (6)Eyeliner I hate. (7)Too many pots. (8)A hot glue gun. (9)The thing that goes under the rug (a rug anti-skid thing). (10)Hated bathing suit. (11)Wretched necklace. (12)Ill-fitting underwear. (13)Ear cleaner. (14)Discs of old computer stuff. (15)Lid of broken rice cooker. (16)Disgusting lotion. (17)Ugly pajamas.

Day 18–(1)Small funnel. (2)Expired vitamins. (3)Some kind of medicinal herb. (4)Robe never worn. (5)Very old glasses. (6)Pillow case that doesn’t match anything. (7)Ripped tank top. (8)Clothespins. (9)Chopsticks. (10)Glue gun. (11)Robe. (12)Tablecloth. (13)Onesies. (14)Weird skirt. (15)Plastic snack holder. (16)Decorative rocks. (17)Stale herbs. (18)Old sprinkles.

Day 19–(1)Stale baking ingredients. (2)Food from cabinets no one wants. (3)Husband’s old belt. (4)Husband’s old shirt. (5)Husband’s old pajamas. (6)Random hooks. (7)Random screws (8)Stale gum. (9)Drawer shut thingies. (10)Unopened candy that expired five years ago. (11)Vats of nutritional yeast. (12)Dead plant. (13)Empty pill bottles. (14)Gross silverware. (15)Piece for a water bottle I got rid of a year ago. (16)Least favorite brush. (17)Foot scrubber. (18)Loofahs. (19)Instructions for various things.

Day 20–(1)Weird skirt. (2)Underwear that hit my c-section scar. (3)Gold necklace (given away). (4)Ummatching earrings. (5)Broken bracelet. (6)Ugly necklace. (7)Ugly bracelet. (8)Ripped cosmetic bag. (9)Several lipsticks. (10)Old foundation. (11)Old mascara. (12)Broken mug. (13)Old face lotion. (14)Boots that never fit (returned). (15) Shoes that always hurt. (16)Broken mouse. (17)Mystery computer part. (18)Husband’s shirt I’ve never seen him wear. (19)Food I have decided we will never eat. (20)Too many Benadryl creams.

Day 21–(21)Random cables (my husband has a cable problem!)