Minimalist game — the April edition

Remember when I said I was done with minimalist games? Well, I lied. Because I greatly enjoyed getting rid of so much stuff, I decided to keep going in April. But because the end of the month in January was so time consuming (getting rid of 31 items in 1 day), I decided to simply get rid of one item a day for each day of the month. If this goes well, I might even do it for the rest of the year!

Here’s the list for last month:

1) Small sticker book
2) Pacifier holder
3) Old magazine
4) Vat of Play-doh
5) Son’s ripped jeans
6) Broken lipstick
7) Decorative plastic zipper thingie
8) Stress ball
9) Mysterious marble
10) Shirt of an event that was 15 years ago
11) Worn and ripped t-shirt
12) Ripped pajamas
13) Tea tin
14) Magazine from September 2014
15) Ripped towel
16) Small awkward bear
17) Old ripped window screen
18) Expired vitamins
19) Magazine from October 2013
20) Unmatched sock
21) Old flowerpot
22) Overly large toy car
23) Broken decorative bottle
24) Glue stick
25) Magazine from February 2014
26) Jeans that don’t fit
27) Shirt of odd material
28) Shirt with stain
29) Bracelets I’ll never wear
30) Girl Scout sash (yes, I was a Girl Scout, but that’s a story for another time)