Getting rid of intangibles

My love of Netflix is epic and undying, but there are a few other monthly credit card charges I could and have done without.


1) Naturebox. True they have yummy snacks, but the last thing I need is to be encouraged to eat more snacks. Besides, if I really wanted it, Trader Joe’s has much of the same stuff. That’s $40 a month.

2) The gym. Who has time to go to the gym? Maybe those who don’t have two kids, a full-time freelance job, a house and cat to maintain, and an urban fantasy series to finish writing. I went during maternity leave but after I went back to work it was impossible. That’s $40 a month.

3) Cleaning services. I have a confession: The first time I cleaned a toilet was last year. When I was growing up, no one taught me how to clean. Rather than live in filth, I’ve had a cleaning service twice a month for most of my life. One day when my husband took the kids upstate to visit his parents, I decided to give it a try. Two hours later and the place looked as good as when the service came. That’s $120 a month and somewhat makes up for the gym in exercise.

4) Fresh Direct. This is a difficult one. I love FD. I used to lie about my zip code to get them to come to me. When you have a newborn in the winter you should probably just give in and get it (which is when I started). Their food is good quality but overpriced. Stop & Shop is way cheaper. Estimated cost savings: $60 a month.

5) Manicures. I used to get a manicure once a week when I had a full-time job. That’s because I had a lunch hour break. Now I get paid by the hour and can’t substantiate taking that long a break. That’s $40 a month.

Adding these up, that’s a savings of $300 a month! Have I noticed any of this extra money? Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be showing up in my bank account. Still, I’m feeling good about saving the money and am looking for more things I can let go of, but none of those things will be Netflix!

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