Minimalism game — the May edition

It’s another month of getting rid of clutter! This month was not any harder than last month, which I guess means that I still have way too much stuff. And sadly, I still don’t think my house looks significantly less cluttered. So yes, I am planning on keeping this up next month. Here’s the list for May:

1) Vacuum cleaner part
2) Old medicines
3) Votive candle
4) Eyeglass repair case
5) Close Pins
6) Toothbrush heads
7) Old underwear
8) Subpar tweezers
9) Binder clips
10) Too-small slinky
11) Unmatched sock
12) Old slippers
13) Husband’s dress shirts
14) Old t-shirt
15) Husband’s old jacket
16) Husband’s old belt
17) Husband’s old jeans
18) Husband’s old dress pants
19) Bracelets I never wear
20) Food hidden in back of cabinets
21) Magazine from December 2013
22) Husband’s old sweater
23) Magazine from September 2013
24) Fish tank cleaner
25) Magazine from April 2014
26) Magazine from July 2014
27) Magazine from November 2014
28) Old lip gloss
29) Subpar tweezers
30) Magazine from May 2014
31) Ripped duffle bag

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