The dark art of knitting and other yarns

Thinking back, I have always been somewhat of a crafty person. I was a very quiet child, and always preferred sitting quietly with my grandmothers to playing with other children. Mostly, I liked to sit and read, but one of my grandmothers was crafty, and instructed in the ways of these dark, yarn arts. She taught me everything from knitting, crochet, needlepoint, to rug hooking, although I never delved too deeply into any of them.


I think I was five here, and making a Snoopy needlepoint!

As an adult, I realized that I could do only one crochet stitch, as long as someone started the chain for me. And knitting was lost entirely to the void that was my insane twenties. But around the time I was expecting my first child, I decided I wanted to try my hand at crafting again. I picked knitting as my medium of choice and a baby blanket as my first project. Unfortunately, I quickly figured out that I didn’t know how to knit as well as I thought I did. Fortunately, there was YouTube, and with it, a ton of instructional knitting videos.

After knitting a couple of practice squares and figuring out what pattern I wanted to use for the blanket, I was ready to begin! Sadly, that’s when my wrists decided to swell up and be extremely painful on bending (this is actually a fairly common horrible thing your body does to you when you’re pregnant). So I was only able to do one row a night until about five months after a had the baby, when my wrists went back down to normal. And just before the baby’s first birthday, I was finally able to finish the blanket!


Here is the completed blanket in all it’s glory. And I still haven’t gotten over my fascination with multiple-color yarn.

Now it’s almost five years later, and I’m still knitting. Currently I’m making a blanket for a friend who is expecting her first baby, so I guess that’s why I’m feeling nostalgic. I also love the calming effect that knitting has on me. Is it the repeated, almost meditative motions? Is the the act of bringing order to chaos? Is it the creation of something beautiful? Whatever it may be, I’m glad that after all these years, I’ve finally found my crafty hobby of choice.

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