Minimalism game–the June edition

Half of 2015 is over, so that means I’ve been at this minimizing for a half a year. Do I notice a difference in the amount of clutter? I want to say yes, but the answer truly is not really. I don’t really blame myself because it’s obvious I’ve been working pretty hard at this and getting rid of a good amount of stuff.

And yes, I do occasionally buy new stuff, but it’s mostly clothing for two growing boys, and I do get rid of the things they grow out of fairly promptly. So why don’t I notice I difference? Maybe because it’s so gradual? One thing I will say is that I would hate to think what my house would look like right now if I hadn’t started decluttering!

Here’s the list for June:

1) Calendar from 2009
2) Magazine from September 2014
3) Baby bumpers
4) Fleece infant car seat cover
5) Broken scale
6) Magazine from January 2015
7) Bag of odd metal parts
8) Socks with holes
9) Expired soup
10) Gross frying pan
11) Rice cooker
12) Redundant lid
13) One too many pots
14) Remote for nothing
15) Plastic toys
16) Goodie bag items
17) Luggage I’ve had for 12 years and never used
18) Magazine from April 2015
19) Black scarf
20) Purple scarf
21) Magazine from March 2014
22) Blue scarf
23) Stray glove
24) The Club
25) Stray earrings
26) Ugly bracelets
27) Weird skirt
28) Too many monkeys
29) Expired vitamins
30) Cheap toy

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