The Terror of Creep

I’ve been doing this minimalist thing for quite some time now, and as I’ve mentioned in my monthly reports of purging, I’m kind of surprised that I still have so much stuff to get rid of. Thinking about it, part of the reason is because when I do go out and buy something, I usually don’t just buy one thing. Not that I shop often, but I do have two children, and they grow out of their clothing fairly regularly. Most of the shopping I do is grocery- or drugstore-related, and for consumables, so eventually they are used up. I have heard of people who make their own toothpaste or deodorant to cut down on cost and/or waste, but that is so not something I want to get into.


I am not making this from baking soda and alchemy!

Still, when I bring something new into the house, especially if it’s for myself, I will try to delete one like item. For instance, the other day I bought myself a new blouse. I looked through my closet and found an old blouse that had way too many loose/hanging threads, so I got rid of that one. Whenever I get one of my sons new items, I check through their closets to see if they have anything old that doesn’t fit them anymore. If it’s my older son, I’ll move it to a box of clothing I’m saving for the younger, and if it’s the younger, it will go into whatever donate pile I’m currently working on.

What methods do you have for fighting creep?

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