Minimalism Game — the July edition

Every month that goes by, I think, “This month getting rid of stuff will be more difficult. I definitely have less stuff now.” And then it’s just not more difficult. But I do have to say that with the near completion on my last major decluttering project, I think it will get a bit harder.

So far I’ve done my own closet a few times, my husband’s closet once, and my kids’ closets every few months. And then there’s my bookshelves once, the CDs and DVDS once, and and my magazine collection. The magazine collection, I decided, had to go entirely. I don’t even remember subscribing to any magazines. They just seemed to appear. Because of some weird sort of OCD I didn’t even know I had, I feel compelled to flip through every single magazine in my possession. But now I think it’s finally over!

Here’s the list for July:

1) White lace scarf
2) Xmas cards from many years ago I didn’t send
3) Weird pillow
4) Stuffed dinosaur
5) Magazine from May 2015
6) Datebook from 2014
7) Too many goodie bags
8) Magazine from June 2014
9) Yarn I don’t like
10) Tons of old photos
11) Magazine from May 2014
12) Bathrobe I’ve never worn
13) Old spice (literally 10-year-old oregano)
14) Magazine from October 2014
15) Non-preferred bottle
16) Magazine from September 2014
17) Old medicine
18) Stacks of paperwork
19) Magazine from August 2014
20) Alarm clock
21) Many books
22) Magazine from November 2014
23) Ice scraper
24) Ten-year-old computer discs
25) Odd car-related thing I could not identify
26) Magazine from December 2014
27) Gross bibs
28) Unwanted bottle
29) Magazine from October 2014
30) Very small plastic toys
31) Magazine from November 2015

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