Minimalist Game — the August edition

Yes! I am still going strong with this minimalist game! In fact, I just the other day found a box of CDs that are from our move in 2004! Yes, 2004! Eleven years ago! I immediately felt rage and disgust, and then determination as I dove right in and separated out the cases and paper for recycling. Most of them didn’t even have the actual CDs in them. It is amazing to me that I have been doing this decluttering for so many months and can still come across something as big as an entire box of CDs!

1) Small stamper
2) Contact lens case
3) Contact lens solution
4) Rewetting drops
5) Contact lenses
6) Broken necklace
7) Baby hat
8) Plug from electric blanket
9) Ugly sunglasses
10) Prescription glasses
11) Expensive watch I never wore
12) Dish rack
13) Bottle parts from non-preferred bottle
14) Cup I hate
15) Dish pad
16) Medicine dispenser
17) Magazine from April 2014
18) Broken headphones
19) Very old mints
20) Doll sized garbage can
21) Magazine from March 2015
22) Necklace sold on eBay
23) Old nail polishes
24) Ugly hat
25) Lots of tiny plastic toys
26) Earrings sold on eBay
27) Jewelry set sold on eBay
28) Necklace sold on eBay
29) Tons of jewelry not worth selling
30) Jewelry organizer no longer needed
31) Jewelry boxes

Re-reading the Vampire in the City series

Last week I finished writing Fresh Blood, the sixth and final book in the VitC series. The next day, I left for a vacation to Cape Cod. We were with family, including our two children, who are almost five and just turned one. We stayed at a house on the beach, and spent most of our time outdoors doing stuff with the kids.
My older son, buried in sand and screaming!

Me with my younger son, not buried in sand but screaming nevertheless!

At nights, after the kids were asleep, I busied myself with re-reading the entire Vampire in the City series. I wanted to take notes on the timeline, figure out what loose ends might need to be tied up, and just have it really fresh in my head for the edit of Fresh Blood. Somehow, I managed to finish the fifth book the day after we came back, and am now set to start on the second draft. While I don’t have an official release date yet, I’m thinking sometime around October 1st.

While I was re-reading my writing, some of it from about ten years ago, I was mostly struck with how much my protagonist has changed over the course of the series. In the first book she was sometimes awkward to the point of embarrassing me as I was reading it. By the last book she is much more sure of herself and proactive, instead of just reacting to the situations I put her in. Overall, I am pleased with this progression, and I hope my readers will enjoy the culmination of a series that has been very fun to write!