Minimalism Game–the September edition

The year of minimalism is two-thirds of the way over, and I am still going strong. Last month, I concentrated on stuff that I thought was too valuable to just give away, trash, or recycle. I didn’t make a ton of money, and sometimes, when I sold something for about $2, but had to buy an envelope to send it in, pack it, and then walk to the post office to mail it, I questioned whether or not I was making any money at all.

But the most important thing is that I’m still decluttering. Here’s the list for September:

1) Necklace sold on eBay
2) Baby play mat
3) Small bear
4) Knitted scarf that didn’t turn out well
5) Necklace sold on eBay
6) Bracelet sold on eBay
7) Pendant sold on eBay
8) Flowerpot
9) Pendant sold on eBay
10) Camera part sold on eBay
11) Necklace sold on eBay
12) Newborn bassinet given to friend
13) Old calculator sold on eBay
14) Light meter sold on eBay
15) Broken frame
16) Microphone sold on eBay
17) Decorative box sold on eBay
18) Stroller frame
19) Camera sold on eBay
20) Baby swing
21) Microphone sold on eBay
22) Cabinet given to friend
23) Graphic novel sold on Amazon
24) Old underwear
25) Knitting sample
26) Magazine from May 2015
27) Graphic novel sold on Amazon
28) Old nail polish
29) Graphic novel sold on Amazon
30) Broken headphones