MinGame — the October edition

It’s finally happened! For the first time, as I am posting this, I am exactly up to date. That is, I don’t have anything done yet for November. This means that, quite possibly, I won’t have anything done in November and December. But I have I ton of other projects this month, so I’m not sure I will get to it. Maybe what I’ll do is have a massive clean-out later in the month, and get rid of 30 items all at once? Hopefully, I will be able to continue this at least until the end of 2015, but we’ll see!

Here’s the list for October:

1) Graphic novel sold on Amazon
2) Watch sold on eBay
3) Graphic novel sold on Amazon
4) Expired food
5) Graphic novel sold on Amazon
6) Expired printer cartridge
7) Graphic novel sold on Amazon
8) Expired food
9) Old printer never used
10) Old tapes
11) Graphic novel sold on Amazon
12) Brita filter
13) Broken statue
14) Goody bag items
15) Horrible shoes
16) Expired food
17) Awful rug
18) Worse shoes
19) Teether
20) Ring toy
21) Weird horse
22) Baby toys
23) Crap iPad case
24) Lots of unneeded paperwork
25) Broken flashlight
26) Old lipsticks
27) Yo-yo
28) Tiny onesies
29) Bad water bottle
30) Infant car seat cover
31) Infant car seat