Minimalism Game: March 2019!

Many times in the history of me and this blog have I played the Minimalism Game. If you haven’t heard about it before, you can read about it here. Next month, I have decided to do it a little differently, as I want to take a photo every day and post it. This will force me to keep current, I think.

A few notes about the photos though: One, if something is TMI (for example, old bras or underwear), I will just list it, sans photo or details. You’re welcome. If I get rid of something I don’t necessarily want the kids to see I’m getting rid of, I may attempt to obscure it in the photo. My kids want to keep a lot of random crap (piece of tin foil, string that came off clothing, etc) and I have been forced to sneak some of these items out.

Less clothing = less laundry = more time to play in laundry basket.

Also, please note that because I say I’m getting rid of all these items doesn’t necessarily mean they will end up in the garbage. Things that are usable by others will go to donation. Everything that can be recycled will be recycled. In short, I will try my best!

If you would like to compete and/join me, let me know!

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