MinsGame 2019: Day 20


The Minimalism Game Day 20 still consisted of more random items, despite the fact that I wanted to start concentrating on specific rooms.

  1. Book.
  2. Another book.
  3. Another book.
  4. And another book.
  5. Large glass vase (cut off) that I haven’t used in many years.
  6. Lid to a jar (can’t find the jar).
  7. Glass dish I haven’t used in many years.
  8. Large metal candle holder.
  9. Same but cut off in photo.
  10. Ruler.
  11. Medicine cup.
  12. Necklace I wore once five years ago and thought unflattering.
  13. Plastic toy.
  14. – 20. Paw Patrol magnets that lost their magnetic properties.