MinsGame 2019: Day 21


The Minimalism Game Day 21 is mostly from the kitchen:

  1. One lonely mitten.
  2. Baby socks.
  3. Another pair.
  4. A wooden candle holder (why would this ever exist?).
  5. Broken pen.
  6. Dry marker.
  7. Paintbrush.
  8. Inhaler I haven’t used in months.
  9. Candle I’ve had six years and not lit.
  10. Maybe it’s a battery?
  11. Carabiner.
  12. Flower that is a tea infuser that is very hard to clean out and makes me mad every time I use it but makes me even more angry when I see it being useless and taking up space.
  13. And
  14. Yet
  15. Another.
  16. – 21. Cookbooks.


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