MinsGame 2019: Day 28

I did not want to put all the bling on display, but trust me, it lies within.

For the Minimalism Game Day 28, I worked on jewelry. I got rid of 26 pieces of jewelry and two bags to hold jewelry. I did not get rid of any non-costume items, not because I didn’t want to, but because I haven’t figured out how to sell them. So these 26 pieces are all costume items. And most of them I’ve gone years without wearing.

On my wedding day, I had so much bling! Very rare occurrence for me!

Most people who regularly hang out with me know I rarely wear jewelry. I don’t really like wearing it, and I especially hate large pieces. The only two things I wear every day are my wedding ring and a pair of plain diamond studs. I don’t like wearing earrings that weigh enough that I can feel them in my ears. I really hate wearing things on my wrists. And I don’t like most necklaces, especially larger items, where I feel weighed down. So, why bother keeping things you don’t like and will never use? Every day, when I get my wedding ring out of the jewelry box, I feel guilty to own so many things I never use. Goodbye, guilt!

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