MinsGame 2019: Day 29


The Minimalism Game Day and I’m grabbing from every room and looking through my closet again. I vacillate between thinking tomorrow will be super easy and thinking I won’t finish.

1- 5. Manila envelopes.
6. Gift bag.
7. Glass vase.
8. – 12. Shirts I no longer wear.
13. Memorabilia from Universal.
14. Fish sticker.
15. Old toothbrush.
16. Mini-golf pencil.
17. Unused screen from tablet.
18. Broken earbuds.
19. Old purse I never use anymore.
20. Scarf I thought was pretty but I’ve never worn.
21. Boxing gloves (took a few classes, then realized I hated it).
22. – 24. Make-up pads I’ve never used.
25. Face cream I hate.
26. Hat Nadim doesn’t wear because he has a million others.
27. Hair clip I hate.
28. Expired pills.
29. (not pictured) Old underwear.

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