MinsGame 2019: Day 30


It’s the Minimalist Game Day 30 and I’m not sure how to sort this jumble. I just went through the house grabbing stuff, and didn’t count it until now, so I actually went one over! Order will be top to bottom, right to left, as much as possible.

  1. Broken umbrella.
  2. Unflattering shirt.
  3. Shirt too small for Nadim.
  4. Another.
  5. Another.
  6. Make-up that looks odd on my face.
  7. Gloves too small for Nadim.
  8. Hand wraps.
  9. New hiking boots that seemed to fit in the store when I bought them on clearance, but after a 5-hour hike, my feet were bleeding because they are clearly too small.
  10. Expired sunscreen.
  11. Hat too small for Nadim.
  12. Broken novelty flashlight.
  13. A single glove I haven’t found the mate in three years.
  14. Dance shoes too small for Samir.
  15. Dress that stretched out and now drags on the ground.
  16. Broken mechanical pencil.
  17. Eyeliner that makes my eyes swell up.
  18. Lip gloss I hate the color of.
  19. Lipstick I hate the color of (note they are the same color).
  20. Expired eye drops.
  21. Samir has made me roughly 20 of these. Getting rid of one.
  22. Card from Sleep No More.
  23. Tiny scissors.
  24. Screwdriver.
  25. Old vitamin drop.
  26. Plastic toy.
  27. Button.
  28. Plastic piece.
  29. Gross elastic band.
  30. Another.
  31. (Bonus!) Fitbit I haven’t used ever since two years ago when I realized my phone also counted my steps. Another thing I’ve been hanging on to for guilt reasons gone!

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