MinsGame 2019: Day 10


For the Minimalism Game Day 10, there are 10 video games or DVDs, some unopened. For those who counted the boxes and see that there are only eight boxes, I found two DVDs with no cases, so I stuck them in one of the boxes. Also note the top one was given to us for free with the PS4; we did not buy this item on purpose, nor did we even open the package.

MinsGame 2019: Day 9


For the Minimalism Game Day 9 we have:

  1. Old magazine.
  2. Space shuttle that hasn’t been played with since it was brought in the house.
  3. Minecraft sunglasses from a goodie bag that Samir says are too uncomfortable to wear.
  4. I hate these nail clippers.
  5. Very small toy that no one wants.
  6. Plastic piece to a game.
  7. Same as above.
  8. This phone will never work again!
  9. (Not pictured) Bra that doesn’t fit.