Thoughts on MinsGame Spring 2019

Now that the Minimizing Game has been over for about two weeks, I wanted to write a few thoughts I had while going through the process and afterward. If I’m remembering correctly, this is the third time played the Minimizing Game. As always, I was surprised to realize how easy it was to find 492 things to get rid off. I also expected my house to look less cluttered at the end of the month, but sadly no, it does not.

I didn’t want to post another photo of the stuff I got rid of, so please enjoy this one of a miniature horse. He’s minimized! Get it? Minimized!?!

One thing I noticed about my aesthetic was that I really don’t like objects made of clear glass. I’m talking decor items mostly. I got rid of a bunch of clear vase-like objects I didn’t even know I had and didn’t like. And while I’m not looking to replace all my drinking glasses, I will say that if I had to, I would choose light blue or something else not clear. So obviously, I’ve learned that I should not choose clear glass the next time I have to buy something made out of glass.

The other material I dislike even more than glass is plastic! Why is there so much random plastic crap around? I hate looking at it, and it seems to multiply if left unattended. My children are the main reason we get so much plastic, as it comes mostly from the dreaded goodie bags.

Lastly, as I hinted at in the first paragraph, this was all too easy! I want to have to make some difficult choices and really scrutinize things. Since the last one was in March, I think I will do it again in September. I was thinking about maybe doing August so I could prepare for back-to-school season at the same time, but I am thinking about traveling in August, so maybe September is better. We’ll see how anxious I get about needing to minimize as the autumn rolls around!

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