MinsGame Fall 2019: Day 1

I forgot I said I was doing this in the fall again, but I suppose I’m doing it! I feel very poorly prepared. With the rush of summer trips and plans, I neglected to take stock (even mentally) of the areas I usually need to sweep through. So if anyone would like to join me this round, I think there’s a decent chance I’ll fail!



For the Minimizing Game Day 1, I have a lonely pair of pants. No one in my house has ever worn these pants. They are a size 4T and I got them for Samir. The waist was comically too large for him. I kept trying them on him until they became shorts, length-wise. Then I tried them on Nadim, but he is just as skinny as Samir was at his age, and now they are also short on Nadim, while still being big enough at the waist to fall down. Goodbye, pants. Maybe you’ll fit some other kid!

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