MinsGame Fall 2019: Day 9


The Minimizing Game Day 9 consists of:

  1. A pair of Samir’s shoes that no longer fit.
  2. A pair of my shoes that I thought fit for a few days, but then they became super uncomfortable and tight, and then I put them away and tried again later, but alas, these are not the shoes for me.
  3. A pair of beach shoes I hate but had to wear because I had a thing about flip flop and that toe part, but now I seem to have gotten over that and also hate these.
  4. A pair of Nadim’s shoes that no longer fit.
  5. A pair of Nadim’s gloves that no longer fit.
  6. A pair of my gloves that I don’t like anymore and also they are somehow way too large now.
  7. A curtain from before we got new blinds last year.
  8. Another.
  9. Another.