MinsGame Fall 2019: Day 14


The Minimizing Game Day 14 was a bit of a stretch, but I did it! From front to back, there is:

  1. Glove from a party goodie bag (but no one remembers what exactly it is or where is the other).
  2. Terrible whistle.
  3. Dead laser pointer.
  4. Gross chapstick.
  5. Thing that protects babies from electricity.
  6. Another terrible whistle.
  7. Box that ring came in.
  8. Half of a plastic egg.
  9. Broken pen.
  10. Broken pencil.
  11. Empty mint container I was “saving.”
  12. Head thing from when Samir went to Trolls.
  13. Expired chicken flavoring.
  14. Science kit we have used all the ingredients that could be used up. There are a lot of little parts in here, and to be honest, I thought about listing them individually, but this seemed more honest to list them together, since they’re a set.