Mins Game Fall 2019: Day 15


It’s half-way over! Now is where it gets more challenging and intense!

For the Minimizing Game Day 15, we have:

  1. A booster seat, because we only need one now (found a way to donate before I remembered to photograph it).
  2. Nadim’s pre-k backpack (thrown away immediately and not photographed because he left a clementine in it and mold was everywhere).
  3. A pack that no one uses anymore.
  4. Horrible pink plastic thing.
  5. Small cloth bag.
  6. Another.
  7. Eyeglass cleaning cloth.
  8. Makeup.
  9. And another.
  10. Another.
  11. And another.
  12. Empty cologne bottle.
  13. Plug thingie.
  14. Horrible whistle.
  15. I hate this phone case.

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