MinsGame Fall 2019: Day 19


The Minimizing Game Day 19 consists of (spiraling clockwise from top):

  1. Labels.
  2. Plastic rope or something.
  3. Broken old candy cane.
  4. Broken pen.
  5. Pen cap.
  6. Broken pen.
  7. Broken thermometer.
  8. Old metrocard.
  9. Orange felt.
  10. The only pair of earrings I own (other than the ones attached to my head now). The clasps didn’t work properly.
  11. Eyeglass cloth.
  12. Old spice (maybe sage?).
  13. Small bag filled with smaller dice.
  14. Another.
  15. Another.
  16. Plastic foot that came off a toy (toy missing).
  17. I hate this nail file.
  18. Sticker of coffee company I think.
  19. Lucky rock given to me by ex-coworker. Technically I still have this as I threw it out onto my front lawn, but it’s no longer in my house, so I’m counting it.