MinsGame Fall 2019: Day 20


The Minimizing Game Day 20 consists of mostly stuff that I didn’t photograph.

  1. A jewelry box my parents gave me when I was 18 and said it was antique then. It is well-made and I like it, but most of my jewelry was stolen, and it makes me very sad to see this every day.
  2. A jewelry box that I found in my father’s belongings in his house in Florida when he died. I liked it and took it back to NY, but it’s been so long and it’s sat empty, and now I have no jewelry anyway.
  3. Picture hangers in drawer of jewelry box I wasn’t using.
  4. Points that go on the end of curtain rods that were also in drawer of jewelry box I wasn’t using.
  5. Some random screws in the drawer of the jewelry box I wasn’t using.
  6. Worthless beads in the jewelry box I was using that were not stolen.
  7. Odd pipe found in laundry room.
  8. Plastic thing found in laundry room.
  9. Garden hose with too many holes to patch.
  10. Cheap plastic flowerpot.
  11. Another one.
  12. Tube of dried up putty.
  13. Lone gardening glove.
  14. Failed kid craft project.
  15. Another.
  16. An old CD.
  17. Another.
  18. Another.
  19. Strange plastic item can’t guess its purpose.
  20. Another.