MinsGame Fall 2019: Day 21


The Minimizing Game Day 21 consists of (top to bottom, left to right):

  1. Expired vinegar (this had the added treat of being so expired that something was growing in it).
  2. Saline that my kids hate so much they cried at the sight of it.
  3. Expired ibuprofen.
  4. Expired painkillers.
  5. Expired cat ear drops.
  6. Box of screws.
  7. Photo in frame of people I don’t know.
  8. Box of sticky notes.
  9. Fancy pencils given to me by someone I don’t like. The pencils are nice, but remind me of the person every time I see them, so I’m getting rid of them.
  10. More screws.
  11. Dry marker.
  12. Another.
  13. Gross battery.
  14. Bad nail clipper.
  15. Paper flags.
  16. Hanging thingies.
  17. Wrench.
  18. Card for game we don’t have anymore.
  19. Fire stick we don’t use anymore since we have a PS4.
  20. Card you’re supposed to keep until you get your passport (I got mine 3 weeks ago).
  21. Abandoned paper project.

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