MinsGame Fall 2019: Day 26


The Minimalism Game Day 26 consists of:

  1. Body pillow that Nadim shredded somehow (not pictured).
  2. Cereal that I bought for Nadim a year ago but he hates it and so does everyone else (not pictured).
  3. Craft project of Samir’s that went wrong and resulted in tiny pieces of plastic everywhere (not pictured).
  4. A different but similar craft project (not pictured).
  5. Four
  6. Pieces
  7. Of
  8. Clothing.
  9. Something that came with PS4.
  10. Another.
  11. Crazy straw.
  12. Two buttons.
  13. Eyeglass cleaning cloth.
  14. Light-up ball that doesn’t work.
  15. Terrible whistle.
  16. Small plastic frog.
  17. Top from clay.
  18. Marshall.
  19. Chase.
  20. A turtle.
  21. McDonald’s toy.
  22. Purple thing but who knows what it is.
  23. Plastic thing what is it?
  24. Powder that was stale and unflattering.
  25. Thomas.
  26. A small car.
  27. Glow stick that doesn’t glow.

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