MinsGame Spring 2020: Day 16


It’s halfway over! I have to admit that this iteration of the Minimalism Game has been easier due to the efforts of my older son. It’s almost a two-person effort this time! For today, we have all stuff he wanted to let go of when cleaning his room. (Extra points for him because he woke up at 6:30 am on a Saturday and did this before I got up!)

  1. Book no longer wanted.
  2. Same.
  3. Art project.
  4. Stickers.
  5. Beating hammer.
  6. So many light sticks where do this come from and are they breeding?
  7. Key chain.
  8. Another.
  9. Broken watch.
  10. Piece of something.
  11. Pearl?
  12. Viewer that came with a book we no longer have.
  13. Small troll.
  14. Small Luigi.
  15. Decoder thing.
  16. Small piece of fabric.

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