MinsGame Spring 2020: Day 17


For the Minimalism Game Day 17, we have a bunch of mostly very large things that are not photographed. This is because I gave them away to people who wanted them when the opportunity arose, instead of waiting until a particular day. This is, of course, my favorite way of minimizing. I love it when something I can no longer use can be used by someone else!

  1. Large bookshelf (not pictured).
  2. Another.
  3. Another.
  4. Hockey net Samir got when he was two and used almost that many times (not pictured).
  5. Hockey….bat, or whatever it’s called (not pictured).
  6. Another.
  7. Large Paw Patrol tower Nadim got three years ago and lost interest in about a year ago (not pictured).
  8. Paw Patrol truck and figure (not pictured).
  9. Same.
  10. Same.
  11. What I thought was a kitchen curtain that was on the window when I bought the house more than 7 years ago, but it’s actually an IKEA pillowcase.
  12. Same.
  13. Weird passport holder I wouldn’t use that was in the purse I bought two years ago. I gave it to Samir but he only pretended to want it for about six months.
  14. Miniature coloring book.
  15. What is this?
  16. Another.
  17. Another.