MinsGame Spring 2020: Day 19


For the Minimalism Game Day 19, there is an eclectic assortment:

  1. Candle.
  2. Very old pair of work pants that are ripped at every seam.
  3. Pair of Nadim’s pants that are slightly small but he hates the ripped knees.
  4. Dusty old craft.
  5. Plastic thing.
  6. Plastic game.
  7. Plastic thing that goes into outlet to keep babies from killing themselves.
  8. Wooden ball.
  9. Plastic balloon clip.
  10. I will never wear this pair of nude pantyhose.
  11. Or this pair.
  12. One pair of very old underwear (not shown).
  13. One old ripped gift bag (not shown).
  14. – 19. Markers or marker caps (one hidden in the pants leg).


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