Fall MinsGame TBC Next Month!

Is this the face of a kitten trying to apologize?!?

It feels like a fail to do this, but I am going to have to pause the Minimizing Game until next month. On October 24-30, I will pick up where I left off this month. Between school starting and my job being busy, it was difficult enough to complete. But then this morning, my cat Oz ran out. Usually when he does this, he runs under the car and stays there. But this morning, we had people over from the insurance company fixing the cracked windshield (it’s a minor crack from two years ago). He probably would have gone down the driveway, but there were also construction workers cleaning up the abandoned house next door.

Anyway, Oz went through the block and got all the way to the back and my neighbors yelled for me that he was in their yard, so we were able to get him. But by then, it was afternoon, and I had a work meeting, a piano class, and a tutor to think about, so I could not fathom also looking through closets and drawers for items to minimize. Also, we are going camping this weekend, so the next three days would also be near impossible.

Not wanting to abandon my efforts entirely, I am just moving those days to October, so I can enjoy our camping trip!

MinsGame Fall 2020: Day 23

It’s the Minimizing Game Day 23, and it’s getting pretty tough. For the first time, I think I won’t be able to finish. I probably should have done this in the summer this year, as the pressures of both working from home and homeschooling are high right now. Anyway, some of this is a stretch and I know it. In random order:

  1. Vitamins my doctor informed me yesterday I should not take, as they contain biotin, which messes up my meds. 😦
  2. Shirt of husband that has a ridiculously large hole.
  3. Container I bought for my older son when he was in kindergarten to take hot lunch to school. He only used it once and now he’s in fifth grade.
  4. Broken hanger.
  5. A stick-on light I used for a year then kept in a drawer for three years.
  6. Another.
  7. Broken holiday decoration.
  8. Allen key.
  9. Mustard packet.
  10. Cute box that came with jewelry that was stolen.
  11. Another.
  12. Whistle.
  13. Toy truck.
  14. Toy guy.
  15. Slap bracelet.
  16. Plastic thing.
  17. Broken toy skateboard.
  18. – 23. Catalogues.

MinsGame Fall 2020: Day 20

For the Minimizing Game Day 20, I went back into my closet again, I think for the third time this month. I’m not going to itemize everything, but it includes two jackets I have nostalgic feelings about, but haven’t worm in about five years, one jacket I really hate, two pairs of shorts that fit but it’s been at least five years since I’ve worn them, and a lot of tanks that have holes. I was three items short, so I tossed in some items from my son’s dresser that are too small.

MinsGame Fall 2020: Day 19

Sunflower blooming in July.

For the Minimizing Game Day 19, I cleaned out my garden shed. I didn’t wait to take photos of everything, so I’ll just list them. Thirteen were pots from the plants I’ve bought this year. I thought I might want to save them for seed starting, but they’re not ideal for that and most of them were too busted up to use anyway.

1.-13. Plastic flower pots.
14. Yellow jacket trap that did not trap any yellow jackets the entire summer.
15. Curtain rod.
16. Single gardening glove that I’ve looked for the other all summer and now I give up.
17. Broken trowel.
18. Broken beach toy.
19. Broken beach shovel.

MinsGame Fall 2020: Day 18

For the Minimizing Game Day 18, I got rid of more of my clothing. Even though I already went through my closet only about a week ago, I wanted to do it again. Most of this is old underwear and bras, but I did have more than one revelation. While I love flowers and flower images on some home items, I hate flower prints on myself. I also gave up one blouse I liked, but it got a stain a few years ago, and I haven’t been able to get it out, so clearly I won’t be wearing it again.

MinsGame Fall 2020: Day 17

For the Minimizing Game Day 17, we have a toys of way more than 17 pieces known as Magic Trax, including all the cars, ramps, and whatnot. The last time the kids played with it was Xmas 2019, and even that was not in the slightest bit enthusiastically. When I asked if they wanted it, they wouldn’t even look in the bag. Gave to a local parent with younger kids.