MinsGame Spring 2021: Day 29

For the Minimizing Game Day 29, I went through the sock drawers. Some are mine and some are from my younger son. Some are non-matching and some just don’t fit him anymore. There is also a shirt that was in the lost sock drawer (and is for a much younger child), a single glove (looking for the mate for awhile), and a slipper that I also somehow lost the mate.

MinsGame Spring 2021: Day 25

All the stuff today was gross, so I searched “junk drawer” in my photos, and for some reason, this came up.

On the Minimizing Game Day 25, I had a sudden but terrible bout of tooth pain and made an emergency visit to the dentist. Then, I remembered I had yet to post for today. I quickly cleaned out my kitchen junk drawer. But that was not enough, so I also got rid of two very low-quality knives that I am always depressed to use. But that wasn’t enough, so I also got rid of stale candy from Halloween 2019. With those dum-dum lollipops, I had enough!

MinsGame Spring 2021: Day 24

Costumes from 2020. I didn’t get rid of these yet though.

For the Minimizing Game Day 24, I tried to clean out my laundry room, but I only found 4 things to throw out (all gross, no photo). Then I went through the pile of stuff that we cleaned out of our old car, and again only got rid of 4 things. Finally, I got rid of all the Halloween costumes from my kids. They grow too fast to reuse them, and they also have moral obligations to reusing costumes. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure this equaled 24, but then I also found some photos in a drawer that I had put aside to dispose of. I hope I can complete tomorrow!

MinsGame Spring 2021: Day 23

For the Minimizing Game Day 23, I gathered these random items. There are about 10 printed photos, but they represent many, many hours of work sorting and scanning photos.

The book in this photo was bought by me and immediately partially eaten by my dog. She has never done this with any other book, but I guess she hates the classics. She ate the first two and a half chapters before I started it. I managed to read almost to the chewed part on the Amazon preview, but I didn’t want to subject anyone else to this, so I recycled it.