Almost Minimizing Month!

I’ve been playing the Minimizing Game for a few years now, but this fall I may have made it extra hard on myself. Want to know a secret? Usually I don’t do any deep cleaning or purging in the month of August, just to give myself a jump on September. But this summer I was extra antsy about all the stuff around me! I found myself tossing things left and right without a care in the world!

Oh strange bird on my camera roll, where have we met?

I’m sure that will make it a tiny bit harder, but I actually do have a few larger-scale cleaning projects in mind. But then next month is also back to school, and now I have two kids in two schools instead of two kids in one school. Can I tell you how stressed I am about that? Anyway, we’ll see if I once again am able to “win” this Minimizing Game!

Sustainability Project: August 2021

My girl Ziggy, the inspiration for this post.

Ever since I got a dog last year, the thing I’ve liked the least about having a dog is (and this is possibly really obvious), is having to pick up dog poop. But even worse still are the plastic dog poop bags. To reduce my use of single-use plastics, I found poop bags made from corn starch. The idea is that the corn starch (and the poop itself, of course) will completely biodegrade. Actually, there are a couple of different brands, but the only brand that I have tried and can vouch for is this one.

The bags themselves are, in my opinion, very similar in quality to the plastic poop bags that I used previously. Meaning that yes, they hold poop, but no, I still cannot easily get them open.