Almost Minimizing Month!

I’ve been playing the Minimizing Game for a few years now, but this fall I may have made it extra hard on myself. Want to know a secret? Usually I don’t do any deep cleaning or purging in the month of August, just to give myself a jump on September. But this summer I was extra antsy about all the stuff around me! I found myself tossing things left and right without a care in the world!

Oh strange bird on my camera roll, where have we met?

I’m sure that will make it a tiny bit harder, but I actually do have a few larger-scale cleaning projects in mind. But then next month is also back to school, and now I have two kids in two schools instead of two kids in one school. Can I tell you how stressed I am about that? Anyway, we’ll see if I once again am able to “win” this Minimizing Game!

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