Sustainability Project: October 2021

“I want biodegradable poop bags too!” yells Oz.

Today, October 13th, is a special day for me. If my grandmother were still alive, she would be turning 116! But it is also a special day because it’s the fourth anniversary of our adoption of our cat, Oz! When I clean the litter box, like most people, I use plastic bags. I’ve always saved the plastic bags from shopping for this purpose. But since the great move of the plastic bag ban in NYC, I’m finally out of plastic bags!

After reading a lot of reviews, I bought some biodegradable ones here. Having used them for about a month, I would say they are easy to use, affordable, and big enough. Recommended!

Bonus photo of my grandmother, who loved every animal she ever met, including the goat we owned in the 1990s.

MinsGame Fall 2021: It’s Over!

I needed nothing to appreciate this sunrise!

Another Minimizing Game month has passed. I have to acknowledge that doing this in September is very stressful, especially since this year I have the kids in two different schools. Maybe next year I will only do the Spring MinsGame, but clearly I don’t have to decide that now. My house still seems as cluttered to me as always, but every time I do this, I manage to finish at least one crazy reorganization project. This time it was the complete cleaning out of the garden shed, which took many hours a day for about three days, and also a few drawers in my bedroom I’ve been meaning to reorganize for years (which incidentally led to the discovery of my childhood diary)!

MinsGame Fall 2021: Day 28

For the Minimizing Game Day 28, I got rid of these horrible plastic eggs. We went to an egg hunt in the spring, and the that’s what these all were from. I tried to give the eggs back to the place that held the egg hunt, but they said we had to bring them home. I’ll never do that again! As my younger son observed: “What a waste of money! This is all garbage!”

MinsGame Fall 2021: Day 26

A watercolor painting (even though I didn’t get rid of my watercolors)!

For the Minimizing Game Day 26, I did something I have wanted to do for a very, very long time. I gathered up the many, many cans of paint that previous owners left in the shed and the basement. About seven of them were ours. I didn’t take a photo, but what I did was pay someone to take them all away. According to the site, you can throw them in the trash, but in the past when I’ve tried, they weren’t taken. Such a relief to have them gone!

MinsGame Fall 2021: Day 24

Possibly the cutest photo I have ever taken.

For the Minimizing Game Day 24, I completed a really big project. I completely cleaned out my shed. I don’t want to take a photo of it, because I still haven’t organized it. I also didn’t take a photo of all the stuff, because most of it was very dirty and covered in spiders. Most of it was also stuff left from the previous owners, including two large batteries, that I had to pay a lot of money to remove. There was also several hundred pounds of various lumber and sheetrock, many broken flowerpots, and a chandelier. I am very glad I got rid of all of that!