MinsGame Fall 2021: Day 24

Possibly the cutest photo I have ever taken.

For the Minimizing Game Day 24, I completed a really big project. I completely cleaned out my shed. I don’t want to take a photo of it, because I still haven’t organized it. I also didn’t take a photo of all the stuff, because most of it was very dirty and covered in spiders. Most of it was also stuff left from the previous owners, including two large batteries, that I had to pay a lot of money to remove. There was also several hundred pounds of various lumber and sheetrock, many broken flowerpots, and a chandelier. I am very glad I got rid of all of that!

MinsGame Fall 2021: Day 21

“Without the use of this horrible monkey towel, I can’t be forced to have a bath, right?”

For the Minimizing Game Day 21, I went through random places, grabbing random things and throwing them in a pile. One thing was a toddler towel (the kind with a hood). I have hated that towel since someone gave it to me when my almost-11-year-old was an infant. I would have gotten rid of it sooner, but it is still a functional towel, and I did have another infant, so I kept it around, living with my hate. Today, I could no longer deal with it. Goodbye, hated towel! I will so not miss you!

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