MinsGame Spring 2020: Day 26


For the Minimizing Game Day 26, I have an assortment.

1.-3. Hate store hangers.
4. Fabric lid of something I no longer have.
5. T-shirt I made for “100 days of Pre-K.” It turns out Swedish fish don’t keep after a year in the closet.
6. Instructions for a thing.
7. A pair of pants that doesn’t fit Nadim.
8. Plastic toy.
9. Another.
10. Paper horse.
11.-14. Play-Doh.
15.-26. Pieces from a Play-Doh set and the bucket they came in.

MinsGame Spring 2020: Day 25

My favorite coffee cup, left at work three weeks ago when I was packing in haste. I’m sure I’ll never see it again.

The Minimizing Game Day 25 is let because life is so chaotic now. I forgot to post this last night, but I had to go through a stack of work papers I brought home, and I got rid of at least 25. In retrospect, however, I probably didn’t need any of them, and what I should have brought home instead was my beloved mug, and probably my AMA style manual.

MinsGame Spring 2020: Day 23

Nadim’s first day in kindergarten back in September. So sad he’ll probably never go back.

For the Minimalism Game Day 23, we have stuff I got rid of yesterday, but forgot to take photos. Today was the first day of distance learning for the kids, and I am uncertain how I feel about it. Despite all the minimizing, everything seems cluttered and crappy.

1.-7. I found a box of seven unopened baby wipes. I listed them on a local parent group for free and they were taken away in minutes.

8.-13. Formal kids clothing too small for Nadim.

14.-20. Some kind of toy race tracks Samir said won’t work with what we have.

21.-22. Broken hangers.

23. Garden hose that doesn’t hold water.

MinsGame Spring 2010: Day 22

The insane light of the Super Moon as it rises over my shed.

Today for the Minimalism Game, I cleaned out my shed. I have wanted to do this for awhile, and, to be honest, I still haven’t done it to my satisfaction. However, I did spend about 3 hours on this project, and I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t want to include a photo of the stuff I got rid of, as some of it was gross. I also don’t feel like showing the inside yet, because, as I said, it still needs work.

Here is what I can remember:

  1. Carrying case from a broken folding chair.
  2. Another.
  3. Plastic action figure.
  4. Another.
  5. Plastic fish toy.
  6. Another.
  7. Broken thing that’s like a super soaker.
  8. Framed art from past house owner.
  9. Another.
  10. Another.
  11. Painted art from past house owner.
  12. Another.
  13. Broken sand bucket.
  14. Broken sand truck.
  15. Empty bubble blower.
  16. Another.
  17. Bubble tray.
  18. Bubble wand.
  19. Expired sunscreen.
  20. Broken plastic flowerpot.
  21. Tube of dried-out glue.
  22. An entire bag of recycling that I have no idea why we had in there.

MinsGame Spring 2020: Day 19


For the Minimalism Game Day 19, there is an eclectic assortment:

  1. Candle.
  2. Very old pair of work pants that are ripped at every seam.
  3. Pair of Nadim’s pants that are slightly small but he hates the ripped knees.
  4. Dusty old craft.
  5. Plastic thing.
  6. Plastic game.
  7. Plastic thing that goes into outlet to keep babies from killing themselves.
  8. Wooden ball.
  9. Plastic balloon clip.
  10. I will never wear this pair of nude pantyhose.
  11. Or this pair.
  12. One pair of very old underwear (not shown).
  13. One old ripped gift bag (not shown).
  14. – 19. Markers or marker caps (one hidden in the pants leg).


MinsGame Spring 2020: Day 18



For the Minimalism Game Day 18, we have an assortment!

  1. Sticker.
  2. Blank card where did it come from?
  3. Broken toy that is horrible.
  4. Broken marker.
  5. One horse.
  6. Another horse. Two horses.
  7. A pouch of tamarind paste that was given to my child while Trick-or-Treating!
  8. Small bubble thing.
  9. I hate this hair product and it didn’t work.
  10. I no longer need to protect my outlets from fingers.
  11. Small plastic item.
  12. Another.
  13. Very tiny and crappy tweezers.
  14. Small toy.
  15. Another.
  16. Another.
  17. Another.
  18. Goodbye to this 2019 charm that appeared in 2020.