MinsGame Fall 2021: Day 28

For the Minimizing Game Day 28, I got rid of these horrible plastic eggs. We went to an egg hunt in the spring, and the that’s what these all were from. I tried to give the eggs back to the place that held the egg hunt, but they said we had to bring them home. I’ll never do that again! As my younger son observed: “What a waste of money! This is all garbage!”

MinsGame Fall 2021: Day 26

A watercolor painting (even though I didn’t get rid of my watercolors)!

For the Minimizing Game Day 26, I did something I have wanted to do for a very, very long time. I gathered up the many, many cans of paint that previous owners left in the shed and the basement. About seven of them were ours. I didn’t take a photo, but what I did was pay someone to take them all away. According to the NYC.gov site, you can throw them in the trash, but in the past when I’ve tried, they weren’t taken. Such a relief to have them gone!

Almost Minimizing Month!

I’ve been playing the Minimizing Game for a few years now, but this fall I may have made it extra hard on myself. Want to know a secret? Usually I don’t do any deep cleaning or purging in the month of August, just to give myself a jump on September. But this summer I was extra antsy about all the stuff around me! I found myself tossing things left and right without a care in the world!

Oh strange bird on my camera roll, where have we met?

I’m sure that will make it a tiny bit harder, but I actually do have a few larger-scale cleaning projects in mind. But then next month is also back to school, and now I have two kids in two schools instead of two kids in one school. Can I tell you how stressed I am about that? Anyway, we’ll see if I once again am able to “win” this Minimizing Game!

Sustainability Project: May 2021

This photo of my dog at the beach has both water in it and the cause of my increased laundry load.

Almost a year has gone by since I switched my dish-washing detergent. As I mentioned in that post, I was planning to switch my laundry detergent as well, and now I have. I really like the Dropps laundry detergent, but they have a new rose scent, and I might switch to that the next time I order.

Anyway, I have not much else to say about this swap other than I plan to continue with this product, but I also considering trying the laundry strips (made by a different company) in the future.

MinsGame Fall 2020: Day 30

For the Minimizing Game Day 30, the final day, my kids went through their shelves and found a load of books. I stopped counting at 30, but there was more than that!

Thus concludes the Fall Minimizing Game! It took two months, but it’s done! (I don’t even work a little bit on Halloween, so I wasn’t adding an extra day!) Will post my thoughts in a few days.

MinsGame Fall 2020: Day 29

Pretty trees that are not magazines, but are somewhat loosely related to today’s post.

For the Minimizing Game Day 29, I went through a stack of magazines that have piled up over the last few years. I don’t subscribe to any magazines currently, but I did subscribe the The New Yorker a few years ago, so I had a bunch of those, plus some other magazines I seem to get for free sporadically without wanting them (usually Parents, Cooking Light, and maybe one by Rachel Ray). I don’t really have the time to read these, so I just pile them on a certain shelf. The pile was larger than 29, but I didn’t count, because I went through them all and tossed them as soon as I finished each one, a project that took the majority of two months.