MinsGame Fall 2020: Day 9

For the Minimizing Game Day 9, I have:

  1. Dried-out baby wipes from five years ago probably.
  2. Cheap lipstick is cheap and awful.
  3. Same.
  4. Nicer brand but hate the color.
  5. Love the color but it’s old and hardly any left.
  6. Mostly gone powder.
  7. Travel toothpaste that is older than probably both my kids.
  8. Another.
  9. The lice comb I had to use on my older son for a month four years ago.

More Minimizing Ahead!

Is my cat happy I’m home all the time? It seems like it.

It’s hard to believe, but September is just a few short days away, and I usually do my biannual sorting through of all my worldly possessions in March and September. In March, the month that seems like it was just a few days ago, I really struggled to finish. I think it was mostly due to stress and changing from an office worker whose kids are at school 8am-6pm to a work-at-home person who also has to homeschool their kids.

I have a lot of thoughts about how this major life change that may or may not be permanent has affected me, but that is for another time. For now, I’ll say I am adjusted to my new life enough to be able to sort through my belongings next month. Let’s see how it goes.

MinsGame Spring 2020: Day 31


It’s Day 31, the final day of the Minimizing Game! And I hardly had to do anything! My husband is in the process of cleaning and reorganizing the basement, and went through all his books. Here are 33 books we decided to part with! There were actually about five more books on this shelf, but they were all books I intended to read, so I kept them for now. Also, note that while the piano books from a previous day were temporarily staying on this shelf, they weren’t in the day’s count. They are just there because I will donate all the books at the same time.

Will update again with my thoughts and learnings from this round of the Minimizing Game.