MinsGame 2019: Day 21


The Minimalism Game Day 21 is mostly from the kitchen:

  1. One lonely mitten.
  2. Baby socks.
  3. Another pair.
  4. A wooden candle holder (why would this ever exist?).
  5. Broken pen.
  6. Dry marker.
  7. Paintbrush.
  8. Inhaler I haven’t used in months.
  9. Candle I’ve had six years and not lit.
  10. Maybe it’s a battery?
  11. Carabiner.
  12. Flower that is a tea infuser that is very hard to clean out and makes me mad every time I use it but makes me even more angry when I see it being useless and taking up space.
  13. And
  14. Yet
  15. Another.
  16. – 21. Cookbooks.


MinsGame 2019: Day 20


The Minimalism Game Day 20 still consisted of more random items, despite the fact that I wanted to start concentrating on specific rooms.

  1. Book.
  2. Another book.
  3. Another book.
  4. And another book.
  5. Large glass vase (cut off) that I haven’t used in many years.
  6. Lid to a jar (can’t find the jar).
  7. Glass dish I haven’t used in many years.
  8. Large metal candle holder.
  9. Same but cut off in photo.
  10. Ruler.
  11. Medicine cup.
  12. Necklace I wore once five years ago and thought unflattering.
  13. Plastic toy.
  14. – 20. Paw Patrol magnets that lost their magnetic properties.

MinsGame 2019: Day 19


The Minimalism Game Day 19 is a lot of random things again, some in twos.

  1. Old magazine.
  2. Old sticker book.
  3. Napkin holder I bought six years ago and used once.
  4. A plastic dinosaur.
  5. A broken scissor.
  6. A metal clasp.
  7. A lot of tangled thread.
  8. A measuring tape.
  9. Cat nip the cat doesn’t like.
  10. A decorative stick.
  11. Another (I don’t know what these are or why they have been on the table for a month).
  12. Plastic bag with IKEA doohickeys.
  13. A pencil with no eraser.
  14. Same as above.
  15. Green wooden stick.
  16. An adapter I took from work to see if it would allow my work computer to work with my home monitor (it doesn’t).
  17. Same as above.
  18. Cat collar my cat hates.
  19. Mouse my cat hates.

MinsGame 2019: Day 18


Minimalism Game Day 18 includes:

  1. Witches Tarot. I found two in a drawer. One is the pack I bought in 1989 (that I don’t have an instruction booklet for). The other goes with a booklet from a 1998 printing. Where did I get the second deck? Which one is the second deck and which is my original? In any case, I didn’t want two of the same deck, so I was prepared to give one away, but I didn’t want it to go to a stranger. Fortunately, a friend wanted it!
  2. Another tarot deck, this one never used.
  3. Baby towel.
  4. Shawl or something that I think is nice looking but have no use for.
  5. Solar flashlight that somehow broke.
  6. Small broken flashlight.
  7. Expired vitamins.
  8. Expired Advil.
  9. Expired decongestant.
  10. Least favorite hand mirror.
  11. Green dental device.
  12. Blue dental device.
  13. Gross toothpaste that’s been partially used for years.
  14. Ditto.
  15. Expired ear drops.
  16. Expired antibacterial paste.
  17. Anti-snore strips.
  18. Tiny baby socks.