The End

With the exception of cake, I have an extremely hard time finishing anything that I’ve started. I actually stopped and restarted college twice before finally getting my degree. And that was just the undergraduate degree! And let’s not forget about how I went to massage therapy school for two years, only to not take the licensing test. So when I completed the first draft of my book, New Blood, I understandably felt both a sense of accomplishment and relief. It was over!

Sadly, that feeling was short-lived, as the horror of the revision process set in. When the second draft was finished I only allowed myself a momentary respite while I sent it out to test readers. Then came the revision process, followed closely by sending it to my editor. After that was final rewrites and a painstaking read for what felt like the 37th time. And then, it was over! I handed it off to my husband, who is more wise in the ways of computers than I am, and he formatted and uploaded it to Kindle. Awesome! Done! Right?

No, wait…what about Nook? I should make a Nook version, right? And Smashwords, for people who want all sorts of crazy formats? And CreateSpace, for those who must have a paper version. Okay, all done! Finally! But wait! What’s that? I have to somehow self-market this book?

I feel like:

a) Crying and bashing my head into the wall
b) Moving on to Book Two of the series and letting this one fend for itself in the cruel, harsh world
c) Telling myself to buck up and just market the heck out of the damn book

I know you are all dying to find out which I’ve choosen. The answer is: d) all of the above.

While I iced my forehead after doing a), I managed to research marketing and write for a bit each day. Mind you, I would rather not have to do the marketing bit at all and just emmerce myself in Wild Blood (the second book), but I realize this writing business is very much an ongoing process and you are never truely at The End.